5 Tips For Creating A Custom Box Of Chocolates For Any Occasion

If you are pondering the perfect gift for that chocolate lover in your life, there is a way to make a unique and personalized presentation. Many candy manufacturers, including the well-known boxed chocolate companies, offer customization with many options and possibilities. You can choose from an assortment of the companies finest chocolates and create a collection that is suitable for the recipient. In some cases, you will also be able to choose the style and wrapping of the box, as well as personalization. Follow these guidelines for inspiration:

1. Choose a Manufacturer or Company You Can Trust

Obviously, before you can create your custom boxed chocolates, you'll need to locate a supply company. While searching for custom boxed chocolates, consider the reputability of the company. How long have they been in business? Rather than choosing a fly-by-night business, choose a well-established company that has served the public for a long while.

Customer reviews and testimonials on the company website should be mostly positive. Equally important is customer service. Is there a toll-free customer support telephone number for inquiries and order status updates? What is the turn around time for for customization and shipping? Do they offer bulk ordering for corporate gifts, wedding favors or parties and events?

2. Consider the Occasion and Choose Your Box Style and Wrapper

If you're giving custom boxed chocolates for Valentine's Day, the packaging may be different than that for a birthday present. For instance, heart-shaped boxes are perfect for an anniversary or Valentine's Day, while birthday chocolates might be wrapped in festive cellophane. For corporate or company events, a more subdued and classic box style and packaging is more appropriate.

3. Choose Your Chocolate Style

What exactly does this mean? Some companies offer the option of customizing a box of assorted hand-picked chocolates of choice, or a solid block of chocolate in one customized box. For instance, if you choose the one-piece solid chocolate, you might have the option of choosing bar chocolate or a solid heart-shaped piece.

After choosing the shape, you'll select either milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Some companies also offer Belgian chocolate. Perhaps your custom chocolate box is for a child at Easter. If so, select a solid bunny rabbit in a custom-fit package.

Mixed assorted chocolates offer many possibilities. You'll mostly likely see every available variety and choose the pieces you'd like for your box. Do you want a single flavor box or would you prefer an assorted mix? Maybe you'd like your box to include only two or three different varieties. The choice is yours.

What type of chocolates are commonly offered? The following is a run-down on common selections you may find available for your custom chocolate box:

  • Dark or Milk Chocolate Walnut and Pecan Clusters: These are typically English walnuts and pecans covered in your choice of milk or dark chocolate. Alternatively, you may choose hand dipped chocolate almond or cashew clusters.

  • Red Velvet Clusters: Do you want a piece that is moist and sweet, with a hint a color? The red velvet cluster chocolates have a dark pink or red fluffy nougat or cake-like filling. They are dipped in rich dark or milk chocolate.

  • White "Chocolate Cake" Truffles: These types of chocolate truffles have white chocolate coating, with a fluffy filling. These are a good choice for a wedding or anniversary. Alternatively, you might choose the "chocolate cake" truffle variety. Some companies offer other truffle varieties, such as carrot cake with white chocolate coating.

  • Butter Creams: These are popular varieties you'll find in many boxed chocolate offerings. Choose chocolate butter cream, vanilla butter cream, maple nut, orange, cherry, caramel and more. Coconut creams are popular as well.

  • Butter Nut Crunch Squares: This is basically a chewy toffee that is rolled in almonds or other nuts. It may be topped with crushed nuts.

  • Chocolate Parfait: These are whipped centers with raspberry or cherry filling, dipped in rich chocolate. Options may include milk or dark chocolate.

4. Personalize Your Gift Now comes the fun and creative part. How will you personalize your boxed chocolates? Creating a custom box means more than selecting the chocolate variety. Get creative and select a label design for the box, or even adding a photo if you wish. You'll also have the opportunity to include a personalized message.

Labels for Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or Get Well Wishes are popular choices. Add a personalized photo greeting card, or have a photo printed on the label.

5.Consider a Gift Card

If you're still uncertain of how to create the ideal chocolate box, you might want to choose a gift card. This could be the perfect gift for that difficult to shop for person. A gift card will allow your recipient to create his or her own customized chocolate box, so you can't go wrong.

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