Olive Oil: Four Surprising Ways It Can Be Used

Olive oil specialty stores are becoming popular and sprouting up in numerous cities. However, while olive oil tastes great on many different types of food, there are many ways that olive oil can be used beyond cooking. Here are four surprising ways that you can use olive oil in your daily life.

To Lose Weight

Ingesting one to two tablespoons of olive oil a day may help you to lose weight. The theory behind this is that the olive oil will help to fill you up and keep you full. And it is bland when eaten alone, which helps you to not crave it and overindulge in it. While there are no scientific studies to back this up, there are scientific studies that show that mixing olive oil with other foods can help increase your weight loss by up to five percent. Additionally, taking one tablespoon of oil oil per day can help to reduce bad cholesterol levels, which can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack. Olive oil can also help you manage your blood sugar, which can help to prevent or control diabetes. As such, if you are trying to lose weight, you have nothing to lose by attempting this method.

To Polish Your Wood Furniture

If you have furniture that needs to be polished, and you are out of furniture polish, or simply wish to make your own, olive oil can be used. You can either combine 3/4 cup olive oil with 1/4 cup white vinegar or 1 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup lemon juice. Then, take a soft cloth and rub it into the wood furniture. Both of these mixtures can be used to remove minor scratches, dust and fingerprints from wood. The vinegar or lemon juice help to remove these imperfections, while the olive oil helps to moisturize the wood and prevent it from drying out. If you have a piece of wood furniture that is extremely dry or starting to split, you can use olive oil alone to moisturize it.

To Shave

Many people use shaving creams and lotions to soften hair prior to shaving. This helps to prevent razor burn and makes hair easier to remove. But, instead of spending money on shaving cream, you can reach for olive oil. Olive oil helps to soften hair more effectively than shaving cream, helping you to remove hair more easily, while also softening your skin in the process. Simply lather the area you want to shave with a liberal amount of olive oil and allow it to sit on the hair for a couple of minutes. Then you can begin to shave it all away. Because the oil can be greasy, you will want to use a soft, wet cloth to remove all the oil after shaving to prevent clogged pores.

To Clean Your Face

The last surprising way you can use olive oil is as a facial cleanser. Instead of using soap or water, try cleaning your face with oil. Dampen your skin with warm water and then massage the olive oil into your skin. After doing so, allow it to sit on your skin for about 30 minutes before dabbing it away with a warm, clean washcloth. Soaps can dry your skin out, which can make your skin dry and even lead to breakouts. Olive oil contains antioxidants which helps to nourish your skin. And while you may think it is too oily to use on your face, it won't cause clogged pores as long you remove the oil after your face is clean.

Olive oil has many health benefits associated with it and can be used in many different ways. While the majority of uses involve eating or cooking with the oil, there are many ways it can be used that don't involve food. You can shave, clean your face, lose weight or polish your furniture with this oil. To try out these great ideas, look for products like extra virgin olive oil by We Olive.

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