3 Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen Countertops This Spring

Spring is a great time to reassess how you have your kitchen set-up. If you have a ton of clutter on your kitchen countertops, add decluttering your kitchen countertops to your spring cleaning list. Here are three ways that you can easily declutter your kitchen countertops and improve the flow in your kitchen.

#1 Set Up A Dedicated Paper Area

One of the biggest things that end up cluttering up kitchen countertops are not food items; rather, it is bills, keys, school papers, phones, and other paper and planning items. You can reduce this clutter by setting up a dedicated area for all of these items. Find an area in your home or kitchen that you can turn into your command center.

You are going to want your command center to contain a few different important items. To start with, you are going to want to put up a calendar so you can keep track of all the important dates that your family needs to remember. Then, you are going to want to put up an area where you can put your new mail. You should also create a filing system for keeping the mail after you open it. Put up a hook for your car keys and make it an area for your phones and chargers. If you have school-aged children, give them dedicated magnets on your fridge for important announcements and for pictures and schoolwork. 

Setting up a dedicated command center will help declutter your kitchen and move these items to a more appropriate place.

#2 Use A Lazy-Susan

If you like to keep your spices or other cooking items, such as oils, on your countertop, work on reducing the amount of space that these types of items take up. First, go through all of your spices and throw away any that are old and no longer smell good. Second, put away any spices or oils that you don't use on a regular basis inside of a drawer or cabinet. Then, invest in a lazy-susan for your countertop. You can put all of the spices on the bottom rack and all of your larger cooking supplies, such as the oils, on the top shelf. This will provide a dedicated place for your cooking supplies on your countertop and will make your countertop more organized. 

#3 Hang Up Your Pots

If you keep the pots and pans that you use the most on your countertop, you can save a ton of space by moving thee items off of your countertop. Invest in some grapevine hanging pot racks and put them up on the areas where you have open space on your walls or above your stove. Then, move all of the pots and pans that you like to keep within reach to these areas. 

Even if you keep your pots and pans inside of your cupboards, moving these items to a hanging rack like CUSTOM POT RACK will open up space in your cupboards that you can use to put other items that you typically store on your countertop.

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