Bordeaux Blend Wine Gift Basket Ideas

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover in your life, you can't go wrong with a basket filled with his or her favorite beverage and complementing items. For a wine that is sure to please any adult on your gift-giving list, consider either a red or white bordeaux blend variety.

A red bordeaux blend wine typically consists of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc,and occasionally Malbec. White bordeaux blend wines are generally composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillion and Muscadelle. 

For wine aficionados who prefer a richer, more full flavored vintage, stick with red bordeaux blends, and go with white bordeaux blends for friends and loved ones who like a sweeter, dessert-like wine. If you're not sure which type of wine the gift recipient prefers, or if they have a well-rounded palette, consider treating them to a bottle of each. 

While just a bottle of a high-quality bordeaux blend wine would be a thoughtful gift on its own, you can make the present even more special by presenting it in a wicker basket along with a few other goodies. Here are some wine-inspired gift basket ideas to get you started:

1.Wine and Chocolate Basket

Start by placing a bottle or two of wine in the middle of the basket, and then surround it with milk or dark chocolate bars, or a combination of each type. If your gift-giving budget allows, include a selection of high-end chocolates, such as truffles, caramels and French bon bons. 

A wine and chocolate basket will make a romantic Valentine's Day, wedding or anniversary gift. 

2. Wine-Inspired Picnic Basket 

A wicker picnic basket featuring bordeaux blend wine and a variety of easy-to-eat, gourmet snacks is a perfect present for a wide variety of occasions, including wedding receptions, birthdays and even housewarmings. 

 Choose a basket featuring a tablecloth and reusable plastic plates and utensils, and fill it with sausages, crackers, cheese and sweet treats such as chocolate-covered fruit and nuts, along with the wine. Other basket item ideas include loaves of French or Italian bread, olives and fresh fruit.

3. Wine Accessory Basket

If a new couple is just starting out, surprise them with a basket filled with wine essentials along with a bottle or two of the bordeaux blend. Include two wine glasses, a handy wine bottle opener, and a decorative bottle stopper.

You can also include a few wine glass charms in whimsical designs such as hearts, palm trees, dogs or snowflakes, depending on the couple's passions or the special occasion. Contact a company like JJ Buckley Fine Wines for more information.

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