Why You Should Buy Your Meat Rubs Instead Of Make Them

If you've decided to make a commitment to barbecuing more this summer, meat rubs will be an ally, regardless of what you're cooking. As you research the rubs that you'll need, you might be thinking about buying individual spices and putting them together your own rubs. There's little doubt that doing so can be fun to some extent, but it's important to consider the challenges of this idea, too. It's generally a better idea to buy meat rubs instead of make them from your own ingredients. Here's why.

Doing So Is More Affordable

Meat rubs vary in price, but you'll generally find that a small bottle of your preferred rub is affordable. Prices depend on what you're buying and where you're buying it, but it shouldn't surprise you to find that most individual bottles of rubs are just a few of dollars. If you're thinking about making some rubs from scratch, your first step will be to buy a number of individual bottles of spices. Doing so will cost you considerably more money than simply buying one bottle of rub. Additionally, you'll face the challenging task of storing all of these extra spice bottles — including some that you may only use sparingly in the future.

The Flavors Are Better

Another thing that you'll appreciate about buying meat rubs instead of making your own is that you'll often find that the flavors of store-bought rubs are better. This is because these products use a variety of ingredients that can sometimes be challenging to find elsewhere. For example, many meat rubs use specific dried hot peppers to create unique tastes. If you can't find such a pepper, you might substitute a different one in its place — resulting in a flavor that isn't as enjoyable. It's important to remember that a lot of research goes into producing store-bought meat rubs to ensure that they taste enjoyable.

You'll Spend Less Time

Making your own meat rub is a project that requires a fair bit of time. Not only do you need to find a suitable recipe and buy all of the necessary ingredients, but you also need to measure things carefully. When you've made the meat rub, you'll have a number of measuring spoons that you need to wash — and you'll also need to find an appropriately sized bottle in which to store the rub. Each of these steps take time. If you're short on time and would rather be barbecuing, buying a rub is your best approach.

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