4 Types Of Wine To Enjoy

Wine is a classic spirit that can be served with meals or sipped alone. There's nothing like a big glass of wine at the end of a stressful day. Wine has a distinctive taste that may take some getting used to. However, there is a type of wine for almost everyone. Here are four types of wine that can be enjoyed by wine enthusiasts and new wine-drinkers alike:

1. White Wine

White wine is a good entry point for anyone who isn't used to drinking wine. White wine has a less aggressive flavor than red wines. Many white wines are sweet and delicate. If you don't like sweet wines, you can also find dry varieties of wine. Dry white wine makes a good accompaniment to lighter entrees, such as poultry and fish. White wine should be served cold so you can enjoy its crisp flavors.

2. Red Wine

Red wine is another popular type of wine. Unlike white wine, which is made from white grapes, red wine is made from purple grapes. Red wine offers robust flavors that linger on the palate. Red wine is best served lightly chilled. Serving red wine at slightly warmer temperatures than white wine will allow its rich flavors to shine through. Most red wine is dry, although you can find sweet red wines if you prefer something that is easy to sip on a hot summer day.

3. Blended Wine

Blended wines combine the best of both worlds. Blended wines can be white, red, or pink. Unlike traditional wines, which are made from a single type of grape, blended wines use the juice of many different grapes combined. Some people find that blended wines achieve more balanced flavors. If you're on a budget, you can find delicious wine blends at great prices. Blended wines can be used to create sangria, a delicious fruit-based drink made with fresh fruit, fruit juice, and chilled wine.

4. Champagne

Champagne is another option for people who enjoy wine but want to drink something special. Champagne is often served on special occasions. It's made by carbonating wine, usually white wine. Blanc de Blanc champagne is a lesser-known variety made exclusively from white grapes. It offers a flavorful experience without a high price tag. Champagne is perfect for a New Year's Eve party or Christmas celebration. However, it can also be enjoyed year-round for no other reason than its delicious taste.

For more advice on picking drinks like red wine, go to a local liquor store.

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