What Is Distinct About Colombian Coffee?

If you shop for coffee these days, you'll find that stores carry lots of different options, both whole-bean, and ground. As you read the various labels, you may have a few questions about the various coffees and what each has to offer. In particular, you may see some whole coffees labeled "Colombian" and wonder what makes those coffees different. Well, here's a look.

Where Is Colombian Coffee From? 

As the name suggests, Colombian coffee comes from the country of Colombia. Although Colombia is a relatively small country, it is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world. In fact, it's the third-largest coffee producer worldwide; only Vietnam and Brazil grow more coffee. 

What Is Colombian Coffee Known For?

Colombia may produce a lot of coffee, but they certainly do not let their quantity impact their quality. Colombian coffee is known for being consistently good. 

There are two primary types of coffee grown around the world: arabica and robusta. Many countries grow some of both, but Colombian coffee growers only grow arabica beans. This is one reason why the quality of Colombian coffee is so high. Arabica beans are simply known for being better.

Why Is So Much Colombian Coffee Whole Bean?

You can find pre-ground Colombian coffees, but whole-bean ones are definitely preferred. This is because whole bean coffee stays fresh for longer. If you grind the beans yourself at home, preferably just before brewing the coffee, your coffee will taste a lot better. Since Colombian coffee is known for being so high-quality, it deserves to be enjoyed at its best — which is easiest with whole beans.

What Does Colombian Coffee Taste Like?

There is some variety in the flavor of Colombian coffees depending on the elevation at which they are grown and also how the beans are roasted. Lightly roasted beans are always going to taste a bit sharper and more acidic than dark roast beans, which are likely to give off hints of roasted and toasted. With that being said, Colombian coffee as a whole is known for having a mild, approachable flavor. It's very balanced and aromatic with some fruity notes. Those who are new to coffee often enjoy it over stronger options.

Now that you know a bit more about Colombian whole bean coffee, head out there and buy yourself a bag! It's a small luxury that you deserve to enjoy as someone who drinks coffee.

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