Breakfast Meals: 3 Signs You Need Knives Sharpened

Breakfast is an ideal time to cut, chop, and prepare some delicious meals. One of the ways to help create delicious morning meals is with the use of a knife. A dull knife can really put a damper on your morning prep process. It's easy to notice clear-cut signs that you need your knives sharpened.

The use of a mail-in cutlery knife sharpening service can help sharpen your knife—read on to learn about some of the key signs to look for.

1. The Bread Test

One of the easiest ways to test for dull knives is when you cut bread in the morning. You may cut loaves for toast or slices of a baguette to cut French toast. A sharp knife will slice right through the bread with ease. A dull knife will push down on the bread rather than cut evenly through the dough.

If you have to struggle to cut through the bread, then you may need sharpening to improve the performance of the knife. One of the easiest ways to test is with an uncut English muffin. Try cutting right down the middle of the muffin. The cut should look clean and even. If the cut is jagged and uneven, then the knife is too dull.

2. Breakfast Meat Cuts

Breakfast features some of the toughest meats to cut. You may prepare bacon, ham steak, or sirloin for a breakfast meal. A sharp knife should cut right through a fatty piece of bacon with even edges. A dull knife will pull and drag the fat of the bacon until it tears off.

With a professionally sharpened knife, you can easily cut through breakfast meats with extra precision. The cuts will go through smoothly and allow you to make precision cuts for omelets, breakfast sandwiches, and other meals.

3. Tough Fruit Skins

Fruit is an ideal breakfast choice, but you do not want to constantly struggle when you try to cut it. Many fruits include a hard skin that dull knives cannot cut through. You may struggle to cut through the cantaloupe, pineapple, or watermelon you prepare for breakfast. If the knife jams in the fruit, then you probably have a dull blade.

A sharpened blade will slide through easily and should easily cut through super tough fruit like pineapple. You shouldn't have to put a ton of pressure on a knife. When the knife is sharpened, your fruit preparation will come with ease.

Sharpen your knives with a mail-in service for professional treatment and enjoy an easier way to prepare breakfast foods.

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